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Musicians: Being Polite Is Overrated

Negativity1There have been various posts about having a positive outlook on your music career and being polite. Derek Miller challenges the notion of being polite and explains why he thinks people can use negativity as a tactic. Steve Jobs was notorious for his outbursts, but he along with Apple employees were able to significantly change various industries including the music industry. What are your thoughts on using negativity as a tactic? Do you agree or disagree with Derek?

“To make a masterpiece you must be willing to disagree.”

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  1. I do see that point clearly, you must set aside time to practice being an A%# Hole so that you have that skill in your toolbox. Though I do say that in jest, sometimes it is the only way to get things done.

  2. What goes around comes around. In the short term you may feel energised and empowered that you have “persuaded” people through strong arm tactics. You don’t. Tactics invariably end up being tactics and the resulting stench will suffocate any genuine progress.

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