Cash Music Needs Our Help To Build Free Open Source Tools For Musicians

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Regular Hypebot readers know how excited I get about Cash Music. It's hard to imagine anything closer to what this blog is about than a non-profit group building free tools that help musicians to market and sell music online.  That's exactly what Cash Music is; and for one of the first time's ever, they're asking for help via a Kickstarter campaign. 

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Let me say upfront that they've already reached their initial Kickstarter goal. But that didn't stop me from just giving $100; and it shouldn't stop you from giving whatever you can.

ReverbNation, Topspin, Bandcamp and many others run important valuable services that are worth every penny that they charge.  But you have to admit  that there is something special about knowing that I00% of whatever we give to Cash Music is going to build free open source tools that help power artistic expression and the new music industry. Please join me in giving.

Donate here.

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