DJ Lazy Rich Develops Label Engine For Indie Record Label Management

Label-engine-logoLazy Rich, a dj based in Vancouver, BC, is developing Label Engine to serve indie record label management needs via the web. Label Engine grew out of Lazy Rich's experiences with his own label, Big Fish Recordings, and his background as a programmer. Beginning with accounting issues, he's proceeded to add digital music promotion and distribution tools. His ultimate goal is for Label Engine to provide "everything you need to run a record label."

Label Engine has been under development for a year and a half and began as a way for Lazy Rich to run his own dance music label, Big Fish Recordings, while also pursuing his career as a dj.

Intro to Label Engine

Drawing on his own programming background, Lazy Rich first developed Label Engine for his own needs and then started letting his friends try it out:

"It's progressed as something I shared with my friends to becoming an actual business now. They'd literally hire accountants for hundreds of dollars each quarter, and they'd spend days going through spreadsheets. When I showed them this, and saw their reactions, I knew we could do something with it."

Now dozens of labels are using Label Engine and it's getting good reviews. Lazy Rich is planning to continue development including such options as artist contract creation.

If you have experience with Label Engine or related software, please share your thoughts.

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