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First Apple iTune’s Match Payments Arriving, TuneCore Gets $10,000

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Tunecore has just gotten its first payment for $10,000 from Apple's iTune's Match, and CEO Jeff Price believes that's a hopeful sign. "Seeing an additional $10,000+ appear out of the thin air for TuneCore Artists by people just listening to songs they already own is amazing!"  Now, $10,000 for all the acts that TunecCore distributes isn't much money, but it is a start.

I agree with Jeff when he says, "Services like iMatch, Spotify, Simfy, Deezer and others are bringing that innovation – it will take some time to learn which are the ones consumers want."

Has your iTune's Match check arrived, and what do you think of it?


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  1. Great, they made $10,000.00 – what are the real figures behind this dollar amount? Let’s dispense with the PR and get down to the nuts and bolts.

  2. Fantastic. Another service thats been going for months that Jeff can claim the invention of. I guess it beats coming up with anything new yourself.

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