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Soundsupply: GroupOn For Indie Music. Get 10 Albums For $15 Today Only

Soundsupply-logoSoundsupply is a new startup that is experimenting with a digital bundle of music featuring 10 albums from 10 bands for $15. The offer ran for 10 days, and today is the final day to purchase Supply Drop #1. Lots of digits in this description but the idea of offering a huge amount of music at a low price seems potentially viable for indie rock. I like the idea of monetizing this marketing move but I have to wonder to what degree free has undermined low price offerings.

PLUS: How To Get Your Music Featured In The Next Bundle

Soundsupply has gathered 10 bands with a related sound for their experiment in music marketing and distribution. I'm not really familiar with any of them, though I've heard of a few, so just checking out the trailer has introduced me to some new music.

Supply Drop #1 Trailer Featuring:

  1. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin "Let It Sway" (Polyvinyl)
  2. Coconut Records "Davy" (Jason Schwartzman, Young Baby Records)
  3. Sister Suvi "Now I Am Champion" LP (members of tUnE-YaRds, Islands)
  4. Andrew Dost (of Fun.) "Columbus" (Paper & Plastik)
  5. Colour Revolt "The Cradle" (Dualtone)
  6. Into It. Over It. "PROPER" (No Sleep Records)
  7. Sophie Madeleine "The Rhythm You Started" (Xtra Mile, UK)
  8. All Get Out "The Season" (Favorite Gentlemen)
  9. Harrison Hudson "American Thunder" (Favorite Gentlemen)
  10. Aficionado "Self-titled" (No Sleep Records)

Plus, since downloads passed 1,000, purchases will now include Cut Teeth's "Televandalism EP" (early release, ex-The Felix Culpa, Monday's Hero, Red Knife Lottery, Stay Ahead of the Weather).

The MP3s are higher quality at 256kpbs or higher, DRM-free, with embedded album art and track info. You can download them to your computer and then transfer them to mobile devices.

The folks at Soundsupply say they're evaluating the frequency of these releases but, obviously, they're also evaluating the viability of their approach. If it works out and they do more, then it's a route to consider for marketing your own music.

If being part of future bundles interests you, send links to where your music can be streamed to:

You may not hear back but they are currently committed to listening to all submissions.

I'm very curious to see how this turns out. If it was hip hop, I don't think it could work cause mixtapes have totally changed the landscape for music bundles. But if you've ever downloaded a bunch of mixtapes and suddenly felt overwhelmed by having too much music, which sounds weird but is something I've experienced, then you'll know what I'm feeling now at the thought of getting a bundle of 10 albums.

Does anybody else feel overwhelmed by too much new music or by too many new discovery options? Am I just old and jaded or is this a common experience?

Please add your thoughts on the viability of such low-cost bundles and related topics in the comments.

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