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Music Meets Tech At Unique MTV O Music Awards Unboxed Events

Miracles-dog-yearsThe O Music Awards is a music and tech oriented event from MTV that happens twice a year. Now event organizers are adding to the year's schedule with Unboxed, an attempt to create a new kind of event drawing together music, art and technology in a party-friendly environment.

The O Music Awards' first Unboxed event takes place February 23 at New York's Webster Hall featuring "MNDR, Miracles of Modern Science, a mystery app, a rainbow machine, an interactive music video shoot, and tons of dancing."

MNDR is the headlining act. She recently released the single #1 In Heaven.

Openers Miracles of Modern Science released their album Dog Year in December.

MNDR – #1 in Heaven

Additional highlights will include "visuals from installation-come-photo booth" The Rainbow Machine and the opportunity to "participate in a crowd-sourced music video shoot" directed by Eli Stonberg.

Fast Society will be previewing Cameo, a new direction for them and a new yet-to-be-described app scheduled for a full launch at SXSW. But you'll get a first look at O Music Awards Unboxed featuring a theme cocreator Brenna Ehrlich says will be tied to the event.

I spoke with Ehrlich about Unboxed and she described it as an experiment based on the idea of combining an "app launch, art installation, show [with] audience participation as one big party."

Content related to Unboxed will be appearing at the O Music Awards Blog and at MTV Hive, both spots where you'll find Ehrlich blogging. And the Eli Stonberg video will be released at a later date.

Currently the O Music Awards happen twice a year and Unboxed represents an attempt to further bridge the distance between awards shows. Can we expect a Music Tech Network (MTN) to follow with live Music Hack Days and reality shows set in startup incubators?

O Music Awards Unboxed: Tickets

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