Remember iLike? The Social Music Network Officially Died Tuesday

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(UPDATED) In the the spring of 2009, iLike had 45 million registered users and was the #1 music application on Facebook. "Is There An iLike Effect?", we asked then; and the answer was yes. The #1 and #2 albums on iTunes were Keith Urban's "Defying Gravity" and "Gavin Degraw's "Free" – two releases with nothing in common except that both debuted exclusively on iLike. Tuesday, the social music network officially closed, with the url redirected to MySpace.

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At its peak, iLike had 60 million registered users and content from 300,000 artists.Then MySpace purchased the company in August 2009, in large part for its technology which included then superior music serach. On Tuesday, the new owners of MySpace finally killed the remnants of iLike posting the message: "The iLike website is no longer available. We welcome you to MySpace."

 MORE: Kyle Bylin's interview of iLike founder and CEO Ali Partovi and GigaOm: Online music is hard: iLike shuts down

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  1. I never really understood how this thing was allowed to die on the vine. They had users, they had artist info, they had infrastructure. Why not turn the bloody thing into a Spotify app at least?

  2. I really enjoyed iLike, but Im starting to get into more up and coming artists. I found a website that, for me, combines music discovery and amateur competition. I think of it as American Idol + Youtube. Make A Star (makeastar.com) contest is great, with monthly contest prizes and the social element, what’s not to like? There are 4 monthly competitions: original music, music video, stand up comedy and an A capella cover song. They also give prizes to those who vote! Its a fun thing to participate in but also a great place to get your music or stand up heard. Check it out

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