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The Twitter Trolls: How to Deal With Criticism Online


Everything you do can be criticized. Criticism can be easily given and seen by all especially online. On Music Think Tank, Brian Thompson talks about the “Twitter Trolls”, people that criticize you, and negative feedback. Constructive criticism is understandable, but some people just criticize for sport. Brian talks about handling criticism in the proper way and has some words of advice:

Think twice. Tweet once.”

“Your soul, your art, is on display…

available for anyone to rip it to shreds.”

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  1. “Don’t feed the trolls” is an important credo for everybody on the web, and in the world, too. Back in the day, I have seen a great online forum go to waste because they did not know how to deal with the trolls. That was sad. Luckily, today there are people like Brian who warn and advise on how to deal with those creaturess of the web.

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