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5 Things You Should Add To Your Monthly Newsletter

DaysofweekgraphDo you send out a monthly newsletter? If you do, make sure you consider these 5 critical things before sending the newsletter out. On Music Think Tank, Ariel Hyatt talks about creating newsletters and what to include.

“I believe it is the NUMBER ONE thing that will help you create a career in the music industry; communicating with your fan base regularly and consistently.” (Read On)

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  1. Tips 1, 2, 4 and 5 are good but I’m not sure that I agree with #3. Sending an entire newsletter about an album that you love seems like a bad idea. I would probably unsubscribe from an artist’s newsletter if I saw that (I’ve never seen it). Also, inviting your entire list out for drinks could be a disaster. It might work for small artists with a limited fan base but could you imagine what might happen with a larger artist? They would get mobbed.

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