Amanda Palmer: “The Music Business Is Baffled” By Kickstarter [VIDEO]

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400,000 people have given $30 million to music projects on Kickstarter and indie cabaret artist Amanda Palmer uses the fan funding platform more effectively than most. “The music business is baffled by the idea that people would willingly give money to something they could get for free, just to support an artist,” Palmer tells Fuse.tv. “But actually, emotionally, people get so much out of contributing to artists who’ve given them music that they love. This drives business people crazy because they can’t measure it.”  WATCH VIDEO INTERVIEW:


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  1. Why should the music industry be “baffled” that people want to support artists?
    Cant see why that should be ohh so Music 2.0 like to do so

  2. Well, “HA,” you’re incredibly fortunate. I’m not sure where you “work” in the music business, but there are plenty people confused (and angry in some cases) by the patronage/Kickstarter model seeing such grand success. Good for you that you aren’t inundated by those types, I guess…?

  3. Kickstarter is great. Amanda Palmer is confused and is still trying to perpetuate the music industry (who does she define the “music industry” as anyway?) as crusty antiquated “business people” who are “baffled”. Sounds like she needs to, in order to stay relevant.
    Fans aren’t investing in Kickstarter music projects out of the sheer kindness of their hearts. It’s because they are getting a unique products. The most successful KS projects have killer stuff- vinyl, t-shirts, artwork bundles, instruments…and then onto the experiential stuff- tickets, VIP parties, private concerts, skype songwriting sessions, etc. None of these things are available for free, as AP contends.
    KS is merges business and artistry, forces artists to think outside the box and appeal to every type of fan (from the casual fan, to the superfan).

  4. Being that Amanda has recently “divorced” her label Roadrunner, I think I’d give her a little more credit as to knowing what goes on in the “music industry” and what doesn’t. Amanda doesn’t have to do much to stay relevant. She has a massive amount of fans who absolutely adore her. She’s approaching $900,000 on her current kickstarter campaign, and she didn’t do it by badmouthing the industry.

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