Amazon Backed Songza Launches ‘Music Concierge’ Songs For Every Mood

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Amazon funded streaming music service Songza today launched Music Concierge.  The free ad-supported service matches a user’s day, time, device and context to create a-curated playlist designed to cure "stale iPod syndrome" 

After clicking through a few simple options that identify things like the time of day, context (at work?) and your musical preferences (jazz, indie, etc.), the music starts. Player controls include Pandora-like features (skip, thumbs up or down) that adjust the offering. Unlike Pandora, which can take some effort to fine tune based on your artist preferences and their proprietary music genome system, I found Songza's Music Conceirge instantly enjoyable. 

Songza has been through a number if iterations searching for a formula that set's it apart. Though I can't imagine it replacing my music collection or personal Spotify playlists, for the many times  when music is in the background, yet needs to fit the mood, Songza has a winner with Music Concierge.


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  1. Mobile and social music app Songza is gaining traction on Facebook and via mobile phones and now counts more than 500,000 users since its launch in September 2011.

  2. Interesting… So the only thing that sets it apart from Pandora is that it reacts to the time of day? Might give it a try. But Im surprised there isnt more of an angle.

  3. Yaaaa….. It’s really fantastic. This song impressed me much because this song can be heard in any mood. Carry on and we expect better from you.
    Thanks for sharing your post

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