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Eventbrite Adds Free Card Scanner & App For At-Door Ticket Sales

image from control of show ticketing to improve the experience as well as to capture fan data is the dream of many in the touring community and the focus of a growing number of startups.  Eventbrite has already walked down this path farther than most, and with the release of a free card reader are now providing the hardware needed to make it a reality.

Built to work with Eventbrite's low cost online ticketing platform, the just released At The Door Card Reader collects credit card payments via a scanner and the At The Door iPad app. Credit card payments can be accepted using the reader for tickets, merchandise, VIP packages and more.

The credit card reader will be available in Eventbrite’s new online store. Purchase one reader for $10, and you're reimbursed in your Eventbrite account. In addition, Eventbrite offers wireless printing capabilities for receipts and tickets. 

This end to end solution – online in advance and on-site using the At The Door app and card reader – allows event organizers from neighborhood bands to concert promoters to capture sales data for future use.

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  1. What the launch of Eventbrite At the Door teaches us is that some B2B service providers, whose platforms integrate some type of a third-party payment processing service (e.g. PayPal, AlertPay, etc.), can very easily turn into a Square or PayPal Here. Such service providers don’t necessarily need to be all that large, but they do have to be well-placed to take advantage of that possibility. And the reward is well worth the effort. For a more detailed analysis:

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