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Reverbnation-logo[Updated] After reviewing BandWagon's gig booking site, I got a demonstration of ReverbNation's new Submission Dashboard designed to facilitate gig booking for artists and venues using ReverbNation's services. It too is a well-designed product that benefits from the company's critical mass of artists and venues already in the system. It's one of those tools that adds additional value to an already useful toolkit.

I spoke with Howard Han, VP and General Manager, Reverb Live at ReverbNation based in New York. Mr. Han is the former CEO and Founder of GigMaven which was acquired by ReverbNation in 2011. GigMaven specialized in tools for venues, so it was fitting we spoke about ReverbNation's new Submission Dashboard for venues, a free tool that is currently in beta.


ReverbNation's Venue Submission Dashboard for Gig Booking Management

The Submission Dashboard adds gig submission and booking management to the tools currently available for venues via ReverbNation. Related offerings include a venue Profile Page and promotional tools include a Facebook app for venues.

ReverbNation's Submission Dashboard allows venue operators to receive and screen submissions for bands in a much more orderly fashion than the multichannel approach traditionally employed. For bands with ReverbNation accounts, instead of calling or emailing, they can go to a venue profile, click the Submit Press Kit button (currently Book A Gig) and submit already well-organized materials for a professional look. This process can also take place via the venue's FB app.

When venue operators log in and go to their Submission Dashboard, they can check out submissions beginning with the above illustrated view (click for larger image). A snapshot of basic artist info including a sample track is available and the results can be filtered using a variety of criteria including specific dates and genres shown in the left hand column. The option to listen to music samples in a stream is also available from 10 second snippets to full length tracks.

Venue operators can then click through to get the full view of information available on artists which is quite substantial including fan demographics, uploaded press materials and similar content. If desired artist profiles can be browsed from profile to profile and notes can be added for future reference.

Given ReverbNation's reach, including over 30,000 venues with a stronghold in the U.S. and Canada and well over 2 million artists, the Submission Dashboard helps strengthen an already potent platform for connecting artists and venues. Though the benefits may seem primarily for venues, artists always benefit when the submission process is streamlined and they are presented in a professional manner.

Though ReverbNation's various toolkits are open to whoever feels they'll find them of use, their focus has been on serving small to medium venues and artists who want to handle their own business including bookings.

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