ReverbNation Gets A Major Makeover

image from blog.reverbnation.com   new home page (click to enlarge)

ReverbNation is currently beta testing a cleaner, more modern design along with major updates to a number of key features. Current ReverbNation users can access either design and set of features. Site changes and upgrades include:

  • a new design: "focused on the things that are most important to Artists, like getting new fans and sharing music."
  • an enchanced music player: advanced queue, built in sharing, and support for playback on iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad.
  • deeper Facebook integration
  •  a rotating group of Featured Artists are showcase on the main ReverbNation’s home page.

image from blog.reverbnation.com
Access the new design here. The artist services provider promises more updates in the near future.

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  1. I really like the new design except for one thing. I have to switch back to the old design to see a band’s full gig calendar. The new design only shows me a partial calendar. There’s no “next” like the old design to allow me to see shows months down the road.

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