Soundcloud Email Unlock: Trade Email For Music

image from www.google.com

Soundcloud Labs has launched a new feature, Email Unlock that trades an email address for content stored on Soundcloud. "Launch a custom viral campaign to promote your new sounds. Give fans exclusive downloads and get their email addresses in return," reads the new Email Unlock landing page. "Email Unlock makes it easy to set up, stream sounds and offer secure downloads using SoundCloud."

Here's a screenshot of a Foo Fighters Email Unlock.

image from i1.sndcdn.com

Soundcloud's Email Unlock went live here. Try it and come back and tell us how it worked for you. 

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  1. This is great. Not sure if you can offer exclusives through this or whether you can just link to already public tracks on your Soundcloud page, but so far, so cool!

  2. Good looking, but metadata not carried through.
    Does anyone know where to access the xml list of emails that used link/downloaded?

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