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Spotify Connects With Echo Nest For Music Data

image from image from The Echo Nest and Spotify have integrated APIs so that Spotify app developers can tap into The Echo Nest's music intelligence platform. The Echo Nest already powered Spotify radio, but none of its official apps. Some third-party apps like SpotON Radio and Echofi have already been utilizing the both APIs.

The Echo Nest is now integrating Spotify IDs into it's Rosetta Stone resolution service that translates song and artist identifiers between music content and data APIs including Twitter, Facebook, Lyricfind, MusixMatch, 7Digital, EMI, Free Music Archive, MusicBrainz, Rdio and Seatwave. The Spotify App platform has been a hit with listeners. Yesterday, concert listings app Songkick announced that it has added 100,000 new users since launching it's Spotify app four months ago.

Currently no official Spotify apps are utilizing The Echo Nest API, but the company envisions a variety of applications: As songs play, an app could display lyrics, Tweets and Facebook updates from the artists being played alongside ticket offers. A radio app could pair bands with reviews, bios, and the option to branch off to a new station based on any song or artist.


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