Topspin Connects With MTV For Direct To Fan Artists.MTV

image from www.topspinmedia.com

In a deal announced today at SXSW, Topspin and MTV launched Artists.MTV, a platform that gives artists using the direct to fan service access to the millions of fans reached by MTV's TV and online outlets, including MTV, VH1, and CMT. "We are creating the Artist platform in part to give back to the artists on whom we built our business," MTV executive Van Toffler said at the Austin launch event Thursday afternoon.

When the new site launches in June, artists will be able to create custom artist pages on Artists.MTV and using Topspin's tools to grow and monetize their fanbase. Topspin made a similar deal with YouTube several months ago.

MTV is also creating a showcase for artists who make the best use of the Artists.MTV. Fans, other artists, producers and managers will select an artist to be featured on each of the MTV Music channels (MTV, VH1, or CMT). These artists will then be spotlighted across various screens and events, in interview segments and articles, and appearances on music programs like MTV2’s 120 Minutes and  MTV Hive’s Weird Vibes.

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  1. It this is going to happen, it better focus on underground vibes instead of pop. I better see some progressive house, progressive psytrance, goa trance, and deep house on the featured spot instead of pop on there. No more pop rock, pop rap, electropop, or “dubstep”…please!

  2. So what exactly is Topspin doing differently other than providing store fronts for this MTV paltform? Keep up the announcements, maybe something will stick.

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