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Seth Godin On The New Music Industry - Part 1 [Video Interview w/ Ariel Hyatt]

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Guest post & video interview by Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR.

There’s a fierce rule that I live by that keeps me safe in the music business – it’s simple:  Never meet your idols.  I still stand by that … except today I’m changing this to: Never meet your idols…unless your idol is Seth Godin.

I feel more inspired, calm and clear than I have in a long time.

I was once called the “last enthusiastic person in the music business.” and I prided myself in that. But lately I’ve been feeling jaded and not quite so enthusiastic. I think that had something to do with:

1. Being empathic and sometimes feeling like an open receptacle to angry indie artists confronted by the amount of work ahead of them.
2. Reading one too many negative posts about the business and how we are all supposed to feel happy with less in the new model.
3. Traveling the world and hearing the collective gasp as artists scratch their heads and ask – how do we make money doing this??

Turns out Seth Godin has answers…

I’m going to change back into that enthusiastic girl today…

Thanks Seth.

Watch Part 1 of the interview below and be sure to watch Part 2 here.