Who Needs To Buy Music? Deezer Adds Unlimited Offline Streaming, New Features

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EU based music streamer Deezer kicks have things up a notch with a unique offering that uses a Google Chrome app to facilitate unlimited downloads for offline listening. Spotify and other competitors usually limit offline listening to a couple of thousand tracks.

Deezer also announced an update to their iPad app that introduces improvements to the login process, sharing abilities via Facebook and instant content update. Deezer utilizes HMTL5 in this latest iteration, which will streamline the development process for services accessible on every device.

Twitter and integration where also added to Deezer's already deep Facebook integration.

Founded in 2006, 20 million people use Deezer in 48 territories including the UK and France. The company has previously announced plans to launch in a total of 200 countries before the end of 2012, and reports 1.5 million paid subscribers.

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