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10 Tips To Getting Ahead In The New Music Industry

image from If you want to earn money during your music career – get a day job.
2. If your songs are not connecting with people – dedicate all your free time to writing new ones.
3. If nobody is coming to your shows – do number 2 then dedicate all your free time to practicing with your band.

4. If nobody is buying your MP3 Downloads - don’t bother giving them away because people still won’t download them, instead concentrate on numbers 2 and 3.
5. If you worry that you look fat and old in your promo photo – lose some weight and invest in photoshop.
6. If you can't get the sound you want out of the amp you have – practice a shit ton more until it does sound good – then get a new amp.
7. If still no one is coming to your shows – maybe your drummer sucks.
8. If your band is not the first thing that comes up when you google your band name – change your fucking name.
9. If you already have your dream guitar and amp set up before your first show – sorry Rock and Roll is not for you. If you have to ask why – it’s definitely not for you.
10. If you think that anyone cares what your music means to you, they don’t – they only care what your music means to them.

Robin Davey is an Independent musician and Head of Music and Film Development at GROWVision and runs follow him on Twitter @mr_robin_davey