Anontune: Hackers Anonymous Launch Music Service

image from www.google.comCoders claiming to be part of infamous hacker activist group Anonymous have launched a social streaming music service called Anontune. But unlike MegaUpload and others, "Anontune will never host any copyrighted music at any time, nor will it be streaming music," declare the founders.  


"Rather than focus on the music itself, Anontune will instead focus upon information about the music," announced the group via video. (see below) "Information like were music is being distributed, how it is being used and how it is discovered".

While currently in early beta, Anontune hopes to someday feel "similar to search engines and torrent trackers". But in actuality, it's player pulls from existing tracks spread across the net. Most tracks play form YouTube and Soundcloud for now. But soon they will reportedly add music from MySpace, Yahoo and other sources. 

Anyone can try Anontune now, but it's currently a bit buggy and has limited selection. Any security expert or copyright lawyer would also warn users to stay away. But if the bugs can be worked out, Anontune might prove to become real competition to Spotify and other music streamers by delivering even broader catalog for free.

As they've shown with previous attacks on the RIAA and major label web sites, an end to the music business as we know it, is one of Anonymous; ultimate goals. "Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting," states the Anontune cell of coders. But. undoubtedly, there are legions of RIAA lawyers ready to take up arms against them.

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  1. Sounds exactly like the Tomahawk app, which does the same thing right now with a nice GUI and a pretty decent catalog. They’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

  2. Many does this, but they would never be a serious contender to Spotify as such services, as they will lack in content and audio quality…

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  4. big yawn… so anon is joining in the anti-artist rights pile on with google, uhm… mmmmkay… that sounds like wow, you are so cool, you can rip off artists, that makes you like cool, ya know, like so musicians can’t get paid and their work can be illegally exploited even more, wow, that’s so cool, wow you are so cool… yawn.

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