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Creative Music Marketing: Jonathan Coulton, Animal Collective, BecomingAPoet

Jonathan-coulton-artificial-heartToday's selection of creative music marketing examples once again focuses on work in which the graphic presentation is as much a part of the art as the music. For the most part the marketing aspect is secondary. But the entertaining public domain footage for a Jonathan Coulton fan video, Animal Collective's museum installation brought to the web and BecomingAPoet's single page site enhancing their EP release all can be viewed through the lens of music marketing without hurting the art one bit.

Jonathan Coulton – Down Today (Unofficial Music Video)

The above video was made by a Jonathan Coulton fan for the song Down Today from his album Artificial Heart.

Craig J. Clark used public domain footage, mostly from, to create the video. And it turns out he's done a whole bunch of unofficial videos for Coulton's music.

Jonathan Coulton and band will be touring this summer featuring music from Artificial Heart.


Animal Collective – From Transverse Temporal Gyrus Site

Animal Collective recently performed a hybrid show and installation at the Guggenheim Museum with video artist Daniel Perez. They've taken that experience onto the web with Transverse Temporal Gyrus.

The site initially allows you to download a music player and then scroll down a long single page of graphics as the music plays. The music player is said to remix the music in a manner related to the way it was changed each time at the Guggenheim via a computer program.


BecomingAPoet – Rising From Agony EP

Estonian rock band BecomingAPoet is devoting their website to their debut EP Rising From Agony:

"Currently, their entire website revolves around their debut EP, and provides an experience that is very similar to looking at a CD booklet. The website is one page, a hub where fans can stream the songs, read the lyrics, download the entire EP, and contact the band directly."

It's not an overly complicated site, which is a good thing, and has a couple of nice effects when you scroll down the page.

NME's Free App on Google Currents

When I recently wrote about Google Currents as a way to make a free mobile app, I forgot to mention that NME did one. It's a free app and they say they're going to be updating daily so check it out.


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