Developing Your Social Strategy: Which Social Media To Use & When [Infographic]

image from www.google.comWhat to take you social media strategy beyond posting a few updates, hitting the Like button and snapping a random photos with your iPhone? The problem is where to start. While not specifically focused on music, this infographic from Zintro pulls from a variety of stats and sources to help you decide which social media to use and when. 

image from 9.mshcdn.com
via Mashable    Social media strategy graphic: Araceli Perez of e-interactive

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  1. Yet another pretty infographic that discussing nothing about the kinds of real content to share on these networks and adding more fuel to the social media hype fire.

  2. No one can tell you exactly what kind of content you should share across these networks. You have to determine that based on your niche and target audience. Only you as a brand knows what your audience responds to or what you can provide as content. If you don’t know what content is…then my friend you are “All in the soup without the spoon” as the saying goes.

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