Independent Record Stores Dominate Vinyl Sales [CHART]

image from www.google.comAccording to stats shared by Nielson, this Saturday's Record Store Day should give U.S. indie music stores something to sing about , thanks in large part to strong vinyl sales. In the past, album sales the week of Record Store Day have seen significant gains at the stores, with sales the week of the 2011 Record Store Day 39% higher than the week before. But vinyl is the real star.

In 2011, 67% cent of all vinyl albums sold was done over the counter of an indie music store. When independent record stores open for business for this year’s Record Store Day on April 21, they will have already accounted for 68% of total U.S. vinyl album sales sold this year through March 18.

image from blog.nielsen.com

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  1. Shipping is expensive for vinyl and it gets damaged in transit. It is a challenge for eCommerce to compete. That is good for the local record store.

  2. I was standing in Crooked Beat Records watching them unpack all the releases that are out for RSD and IMHO when the fans see the craftsmanship that has gone into many of the releases including boxset let alone the sound of the music on wax they are going to know why physical records are still such a big deal. Better get in line early.

  3. “THE FIELD RECORDINGS” will be playing @ The Telegraph in New London, CT on Record Store Day, plus 6 other indie bands… their favorite day of the year.
    The guys in the band claim The Telegraph is the best store for vinyl in the area… & that includes NYC!

  4. Hi Alton,
    In response to your comment, you should check out SoundStageDirect.com! They sell all sealed new and re-release vinly LPs, EPs and singles and there shipping method is pretty much bomb proof! I have been getting vinyl from them for many years and highly recommend them to anyone. They have a great selection, ship worldwide and processing times are ultra quick!

  5. This statement couldn’t be more wrong. Shipping a record costs about $4 via media mail. And the rates don’t go up much more as you add them.
    Some online retailers offer flat rate costs. Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $25.
    AND if properly packaged they’ll be no worse for wear. It’s no different than shipping anything else.

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