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How Do You Spotify? A Look At Spotify’s 47 Apps

SpotifyGuest post by Connor McKnight of

Spotify was well on its way to celebrity status even before most U.S. listeners had heard of the service, let alone had the chance to experience label-embraced freemium music.

The pre-import Swedish service earned its first mention here within the first weeks of our launch, following a barrage of global press coverage about its American debut, anticipation and eventual launch of an app platform, the portentous end of free (which never actually happened), slowly building on the mythos that would secure its role as the prettiest girl at the dance.

Not to be overly dramatic, or anything.

Just last Friday, our editor suggested that maybe we’d be able to hold off writing about Spotify. Eliot, for his part, kept his word, but the following list, including every Spotify-connected app for iPhone available in the U.S., has been a long time coming.

Spotify has made waves about the apps in the desktop version, but has been cagier about the mobile apps that take advantage of its content. It got us thinking, how many great Spotify-enabled apps on iPhone, could you be missing out on all along? We took a shot at rounding up all of them for you, and there are more than we thought.

You won’t find this list anywhere else — not on Spotify itself, or even in iTunes, where a search for “spotify” won’t surface everything listed here. Introducing what we believe to be all 47 Spotify-powered apps for iOS, accessible by anyone who pays for a Premium account or has access to the 30-day free trial of the mobile version. There are so many, we had to organize them by category for your browsing pleasure (listed alphabetically within each category):

Streaming Radio and Standalone Stuff

Beautiful Clock Radio for iPhone with Spotify & Alarm (free): This clock radio app can wake you up to a streaming radio station or your favorite Spotify playlist.

Spotalarm (for Spotify) ($1): For more options, you could build a wake-up playlist from your favorite music on Spotify, YouTube, and iOS-compatible Safari links (just in case you absolutely need to wake up to the Beatles, who are on YouTube but not Spotify).

Spotilicious (for Spotify) (free): Uses artist data from The Echo Nest (publisher of to create Spotify radio playlists for a given era or genre.

SpotonSpotON Radio (free; pictured): Uses data from The Echo Nest to create custom radio stations that mix your Spotify likes with new tracks, with unlimited stations, skips, likes and dislikes (read our interview with one of its creators).

Fresh Jams

Discovr Music ($2): Explore artists and songs through a visual interface, listen to a preview within Discovr or select to stream the full version in the Spotify or Rdio apps. (Discovr is powered by The Echo Nest.)

Metafy for Spotify (free): Leverages ranking data from Metacritic to build ranked lists of new album releases on Spotify.

MSearch (for Spotify) (free): Searches Spotify using additional metadata from sources numbering in the thousands, according to the creators. It opens tracks that play in Spotify, so long as you have that app installed on your iOS device.

Nusic (New Music) ($1): Select from music charts in the U.S. and Europe to discover new songs playable via YouTube or Spotify. If you hear something you like, you can add Spotify tracks to your existing playlists — a nice touch.

Spotiseek ($2): Enter an artist name to create a Spotify playlist to discover new songs and artists. The app tracks which songs you liked and disliked as well, to improve its playlists.

Spotsearch for Spotify (free lite mode, or ad-free for $1): Search for songs by lyrics on Spotify or YouTube. Spotify links require the Spotify mobile app, as with the others on this list, but YouTube search is free.

Songs With Friends

AppLovin (free): Get real-time updates on the apps your friends are using. Though this is not technically a “Spotify App,” it will let you know which of your friends are listening to Spotify, or other music services at any given time, and find new apps to try.

iCornr – Blog and RSS Reader (free): Create a public “corner” where other iPhone users can follow you via feeds and other media — a corner to which you can link from your webpage or blog. And yes, you can add Spotify playlists and tracks to that iCornr account, which followers can open in the Spotify native app.

My Tunes (free): Share your currently-playing songs, albums, or playlists as Spotify links with your Facebook friends. (free): Create playlists with friends (or meet new people) and invite them to your personal station. Save the songs you discover on other people’s stations to Spotify playlists or download them in iTunes.

Serenade (free): Tap to share currently-playing songs in your Phone’s native Music app, or send them as messages. Either way, the people you share the music with can listen to the songs in Spotify, YouTube, or Grooveshark — or they can buy them from iTunes. (free): Access thousands of ready-made playlists from ShareMyPlaylists users. The playlists are searchable by genre, artist, track, or title. (free): With this social jukebox for Spotify, you can create listening rooms with your own playlists, or join other people’s rooms (read our article).

*Starshare (free): Share Spotify links to any song playing in your iOS device’s Music app.

TunetugThe Social Radio for Twitter (free): Listen to your tweets read aloud along with music from Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, or your iTunes collection. You can also manually open other music apps not listed within Social Radio and it will adjust the volume for playback accordingly (read our article).

Tunetug – Social DJ (free; pictured): Set up two iOS devices at a party — one for music, one for voting — and stream music from a Spotify Premium account with the ability to vote (or “tug”) songs up or down picks that were suggested by guests.

TweetIgnite for Twitter ($3): Keep tabs on your ten (or fewer) favorite people, lists or searches on Twitter, all in one location — with the ability to launch any shared Spotify playlists from within the app.


Limily 2.0 (free first 3 IDs, $6): Tag songs to keep track of them from a variety of music services including Grooveshark, iTunes,,, Rhapsody, Spotify, We7, and YouTube.

Lyssna with Spotify Support ($1): Listen to radio stations, search, and view your played songs with “Spotify IDs,” which you can click to play the track in Spotify.

Shazam Encore / Red ($6): Tag songs with either of Shazam’s paid apps to get links to hear that music in Spotify and Pandora.

Remote Controls, Home Music Networks

Airfoil Speakers Touch (free): This free companion to the paid Airfoil desktop application lets you stream audio from iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, and other services to any computer on your WiFi network that has the Airfoil client installed.

HippoRemote Pro ($5): These downloadable profiles for popular desktop applications, including Spotify, allow you to interact with apps on your computer with custom iPhone controls. Neat.

Media Hound ($5): Do you have a Plex Media Center? This iPhone remote control for that system comes with Spotify support.

Onkotron ($8): Likewise, you can control Spotify and other NET/USB media through your Onkyo/Integra network receiver using this iPhone app.

Reemote for Airfoil ($5): Lo and behold, you can control your Spotify desktop client remotely through Airfoil on your Mac.

RemofyRemofy for iPad (free; pictured): This iPad-only app controls Spotify playback from multiple clients on the same network. As a remote control, it doesn’t require that you have Spotify for iOS.

Remote HD ($8): Control Spotify and a wide range of media apps on a Mac, PC, or Apple TV.

Remoteless (for Spotify) ($3): In addition to the usual remote control stuff like volume, song skipping, etc., this app lets you search the Spotify catalog; browse playlists; store your favorite songs and artists; share songs via Facebook, Twitter, or email; and search the web for artist-related photos, biographies, and lyrics. Because it interfaces with the desktop client, Spotify for iOS is not required for this one either.

Rowmote ($5): Control Spotify and other programs on your Mac over your home wireless network.

Sonos Controller for iPhone (free): Control playback on Spotify and other supported music services on your Sonos system.

Spot Remote (remote control) (free): Control the Spotify desktop client from anywhere, with the ability to search songs in playlists and access multiple servers/clients at the same time.

Spoty – a remote ($1): This simple remote app controls the Spotify desktop client on a Windows computer over your wireless network.

SqueezePad ($10): This iPad Logitech Squeezebox controller features out-of-the-box support for a number of music services. Adding Spotify support requires installing the “triodes” plugin on the Squeezbox server.

Concerts, Events

BandmateBandmate: Concert Tipster HD ($3; pictured): Find out about concerts based on your listening habits. Create and export Spotify playlists based on the artists who have upcoming shows in your city.

NRK P3 Festivalguiden (free): This Norwegian festival guide packs Spotify and WiMP playlists of the bands who are playing to help you make your plan; maps and band listings for finding your way around the festival; and even a virtual lighter for when the music really moves you.

Social Tunes (free): An iPad music metadata aggregator, this app grabs tour information, similar artists, and Spotify links for the tracks playing on your iPad, adding the ability to share on the social networks.

Superpowers, Functionality

 iVinyl Junkie ($2): This app adds a retro vinyl crackle to music playing in other apps. However, the “override continuous” option must be enabled in Spotify for this because, at the moment anyway, the app can’t detect when songs start and end.

Rexly ~ Free Music Player and Scrobbler (free): Play music and scrobble to without having to sync to iTunes. Listen to friends’ music with links to Youtube, Spotify and (read more).

Spotify Shortcuts (Home Screen Icons) (free): Copy-and-paste Spotify playlists and songs into this app to save them as icons on your home screen for easy access.

Spotlib ($1): Import your music collection from to play in Spotify. Sweet.

Tools, Monitors

DatamanAct Later ~ Tasks with Actions ($1): Schedule actions in supported apps — including Spotify — which then open directly from the notification center.

Believe Backstage (free): This iPhone app for Believe Digital clients (i.e. artists and other rightsholders) allows you to monitor when and where your music is distributed on Spotify and other streaming services.

Dataman Pro ($2; pictured): Monitor your wireless cellular data usage in real time, with geotags to help you track areas of high usage over the course of your daily routine. The app alerts when you reach your limit, so as to save on data surcharges while streaming over 3G/4G.

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