How To Promote Your Music On Facebook With Songza Playlists

Songza-featureBy Chris Robley of CD Baby's DIY Musician.

If you’ve been on Facebook for a while, you’ve probably experienced this phenomenon when posting your typical promo message (“check out our new album,” “like our new video,” “we’re playing in Madison tonight,” etc.): you’ve got big news, you know folks are interested, you announce it to the world– and all you hear are crickets.

Silence doesn’t mean that no one cares; fans probably appreciate the heads-up, but they’re not necessarily inspired to SHARE or LIKE those posts with their friends. Encouraging interaction is the name of the game in Facebook music marketing.

One fun new way of getting your Facebook fans to share your music is to create a Songza playlist and post it on your Facebook page.

What is Songza?

Songza is a non-interactice music streaming (ie. internet radio) site that is seamlessly integrated with Facebook; but rather than some fancy computer algorithm determining song selection, they have actual music fans, writers, and musicians create and share playlists to fit specific moods or themes.

Artists who’ve created and posted Songza playlists have seen significant spikes in engagement on their Facebook pages– and since Songza can access the MediaNet catalog, CD Baby artists’ music can be added to the mix (if you’re opted into the “anything that pays” distribution level). Plus, they pay you through SoundExchange for plays. It’s all pretty simple.

You get to share something personal with fans right on Facebook, a playlist of your favorite music! (And they won’t mind if you slip one of your tracks into the mix). If they like the mix, they’ll comment, give their opinions, and share with friends.

Here are Songza’s recommend steps:

1. Think of a great playlist idea. It could be a playlist of your favorite songs, songs from artists you admire, songs from bands in your hometown, or great workout songs. Whatever. Just make it something you think your fans will enjoy.

2. Create the playlist on Songza. Go to and choose from a catalog of 15mm songs, including songs distributed through CD Baby. Feel free to include your own songs, if you want.

3. “Release” the playlist, grab the URL, and post it to your Facebook page with a very brief message.

Pretty simple. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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  1. Hi there,
    Songza’s web and mobile apps are 100% free with no audio ads, listening limits, or trial periods. In order to listen to a Songza playlist on from Facebook, all you have to do is hit the play button and you’ll hear music. There are no no hurdles like sign-up forms or software downloads.
    Additionally, Songza’s catalog is unique in that we have music from artists that on-demand streaming services do not, including The Beatles, Adele, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and The Black Keys.

  2. I’ve gotta go with Eric on this one.
    I haven’t joined Spotify. I don’t really need it and I don’t write about streaming services so I don’t want to sign up.
    More generally speaking, I hate clicking on something and then encountering barriers to access. It turns me away unless I have a truly compelling reason to jump through hoops.
    The open web still trumps closed platforms.

  3. I love songza, but sometimes it’s hard to find good music, I mean discover new artist or genre (i love balkan music). I really love the playlist related to a special event, but after 3 or 4 times I don’t know what to choose. Recently I discover another website that automatically gives me readymade playlist for free with unknown artist but really good sound! for example the balkan playlist is awesome! I don’t know if it available all over the world. I’m in America and it works!

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