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Musictechpitch45MUSIC techpitch 4.5 is a project of techpitch 4.5 that focuses on European tech startups more generally. The second MUSIC techpitch 4.5 event took place March 27 in London in partnership with EMI Music. James Parton reviewed the pitches and all references below to his comments come from that review. You can find a way to use just about any service or product to advance your goals, but these seem to be the most immediately useful.

Music2Text – Distribute songs via SMS

Music2Text won the judges vote at MUSIC techpitch 4.5.  As they describe their service:

"Music2text gives labels and artists the ability to sell or promote single tracks and ringtones direct to consumer with SMS [text SONG-NAME to 60444] Pre pay to keep 100% of sales or upload FREE if you want to give away songs to fans."

"Our platform also captures phone numbers from all consumer transactions, which automatically creates an SMS list of mobile super fans for artists. This maintenance free database auto updates in real time adding new fans with every marketing campaign."

This looks like a particularly useful service and you can see how artists and labels have used it by checking out the Case Studies.

Psonar – Paid mobile streaming & promotion for indies

Psonar is a "pay to play" mobile streaming service that charges a penny a stream. They aim to be the "streaming service of choice for the indie community" with transparent accounting, no preferred terms for big players and no "quiet" equity deals. Founding partners include INgrooves and The Orchard.

They are also developing promotional services such as Viral Promote which takes listeners to a dedicated landing page with "customised graphics and editorial promoting the artist and release with links to artist and label websites, download stores and ticketing agencies." The draw is a free playlist that, after the first listen, requires social sharing to listen again for free. It can also revert to paid options after a set date.

Pepper – List events for free on social network for gigs

Pepper is described by Parton as a "gig social network to stay on top of events, and connect with friends." He said the MUSIC techpitch 4.5 panel had difficulty understanding why fans would use this service given that there are so many established competitors.

However, you can list events for free and they also distribute listings to other services so it's worth checking out and keeping an eye on.

LiveMusicStage – Stream and monetize live concerts

LiveMusicStage is another service entering an increasingly crowded field. They offer streaming services for live concerts for which Parton says you can sell tickets and merchandise. The live stream also has capabilities for interacting with viewers. The odd thing is that the site has no information for bands or labels.

You can get a glance at LiveMusicStage on a laptop in a restaurant via this video.

Also Presenting:

nu desine is homebase for a new instrument, the AlphaSphere. It's getting some media attention in the U.S. and could be fun to explore, especially if you do music using computers or synthesizers for a crowd that would enjoy some visual candy.

Radiojar is a "social web radio management platform" of interest to indie djs and radio stations with additional marketing possibilities.

BBC – Sound Index, according to Parton, "produces alternative music charts based on social media buzz" and their "business strategy is to partner with brands and TV broadcasters." You can't find out anything at all about the company without getting a login and the general vibe is offputting and uninviting. However, it was voted the audience favorite so the presentation must have been convincing.

Soundation is an online music studio where you can post your music to a profile or a group. It could have marketing potential if a community develops on the platform.

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