Touring Isn’t Just About Ticket & Merch Sales

Ignite-the-conversationGuest post by Brian Thompson of Thorny Bleeder.

Touring isn't just about ticket and merch sales.

It ignites conversations.
It gives people a reason to talk about you.

It sparks the fuel that enables your career to catch aflame.

It's about giving influencers a reason to play you on their radio show, to print a feature in their local entertainment paper, to publish a blog about you, to feature you on their podcast or to run a ticket contest in their local indie record store.

Touring isn't just about ticket and merch sales. It's about being a part of the local What's Happening conversation. It's about being newsworthy. It's about being remarkable (worth remarking on).

Touring sets you apart from every other band out there, because it's YOU who's in town tonight…not them.

Touring puts you in the local limelight…before, during and after your performance.

Even those who missed your show will feel compelled to listen to your songs after reading that glowing review of your show.

Even those who missed your show hold the potential of being a new fan after clicking on their friend's Facebook links (who won't shut up about how great your show was).

Touring is an investment in your future.
It's not just about the immediacy of your nightly collections from the door.

Quit analyzing every dollar that is, or isn't, immediately "recouped" on your first few tours.
There's more to it than that. Look at the big picture.

The music industry is nothing more than a world of recommendations.
In order to survive you need to be talked about.

Ignite the global conversation.
Get your ass out on the road… as often as possible (and make sure you have some cool shit to sell while you're at it too).

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  1. Nice, agreed with all of above, great to see value beyond the almighty dollar every once in a while.
    I would add a few more…
    -Reality check on new tunes, while they sound great to you, it’s hard to compare to a live audience, think of it as a quality/performance tweak.
    -Positive feedback, maybe for a song you’ve played so much it’s now boring to you. Playing it to a new audience can give it new life.
    -New energy, not sure what it is, but whenever done playing, it feels like you have a surge of energy, for new creativity or anything. Maybe called it an awakened perspective, a little taste of the unknown.
    I’m sure this is still just scratching the surface..

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