10 Promotional Strategies For Indie Musicians

10strategiesDisc Makers recently released 10 Effective Strategies to Get Your Music Noticed by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan authors of The Indie Band Survival Guide. It's a nice free guide that actually shares more tactics than strategies for getting your music noticed and building your fanbase. But let's not quibble over such details when there's good advice to be had and a world to be won.

10 Effective Strategies to Get Your Music Noticed is available as a free download sponsored by Disc Makers. The authors, Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan, also cowrote such works as The Indie Band Survival Guide.

10 Promotional Strategies for Indie Musicians


Instead of targeting music publications for reviews, where you're competing with lots of other musicians, try starting with publications that focus on a theme to which your music relates. You'll stick out from their usual submissions and, if they write about your music, you have a hook to catch the attention of music publications.


Connecting your work to established artists or popular events is a way to get attention. This can be as simple as covering a popular song or as complex as creating new music based on a current craze. Of course, you'll then need to publicize your work to piggyback on related news.

The Agent

Find someone to promote you since some people will then take you more seriously.


Go beyond single channel activites and the normal combination of touring, albums and merchandise to have a presence in other channels such as podcasts and publications.

The Long-Haul

Don't focus on getting a single hit to grab attention. Instead, methodically build from one success to another, getting more attention at each stage of development.

The Street Team

Ask your fans to spread the word for you. Traditional street teams have to get out and put in lots of time posting flyers and the like but now with the help of social media your fans should be happy to tell their friends if you simply ask.

Engage Your Audience

Instead of getting wrapped up in social media trivia, try sharing photos, video clips and backstage stories to feed your fans and give them something to talk about.

Keep On Truckin'

Play live, play live, play live.

Alternative Gigs

Explore performance venues other than clubs and concert halls such as house concerts and Google Hangouts.


When you have people's attention for what you're doing now be sure to let them know what you're doing next to build anticipation.

To find out more about each of these tactics and strategies, download the article for free.


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  1. Thank you for this post, I believe that these promotional strategies are very beneficial. I like engaging your audience the most because I believe that fan engagement is key to sustaining fans.
    Engaging fans is more than bombarding them with tweets. Engagement is based off of communication and presenting content that makes them interact. Interaction is key…

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