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image from www.metrolyrics.comAnother no-cost way to please fans: Alanis Morissette’s 1st single off her 1st album in 4 years, "Havoc and Bright Lights", is launching online with a lyrics-first approach. As a build up to the radio debut of “Guardian" later this week, the song’s full lyrics are available exclusively on MetroLyrics.

Fans will be able to interact with her lyrics by adding their own interpretations, discussing them with other fans, and sharing them directly to their social networks. MetroLyrics will also roll out daily, exclusive special features and videos leading up to the radio debut of “Guardian.”

According to a 2010 Bing study, 70% percent of internet users search for lyrics, and that trend is mirrored on mobile devices, where MetroLyrics is in the top five most visited mobile sites according to Quantcast.

About MetroLyrics

MetroLyrics is a database of legal lyrics of more than 700,000 songs. The site reaches over 25 million unique users a month across the globe (comScore). MetroLyrics was the first lyrics site to provide users with licensed song lyrics and to compensate copyright holders for the content through its partnership with Gracenote. The company was founded in 2002 by Milun Tesovic and Alan Juristovski in Vancouver.