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UPDATED: Amanda Palmer Blows Past $1 Million On Kickstarter

image from d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.netUPDATED: "WE. FUCKING. DID IT. $1,000,000 OF PURE FUTURE ARTMUSIC ASSKICKING," tweeted Amanda Palmer on Tuesday afternoon along with a half naked photo with "One Fuckng Million" scrawled across her chest.  She'd asked asked fans for $100,000 on Kickstarterm and now she's raised 10X that. In fact, overnight the singer/songwriter added just shy of $50,000 more; bringing the Wednesday morning tally to $1,049,084 from 21,802 backers, with 40 hours left to collect more.

The Music Business Is No Longer 'One Size Fits All'

Palmer has shattered the previous record for music on Kickstarter of $207,980 by Five Iron Frenzy. But are we witnessing history in the making?  Is this the future of the music business? Clearly most bands don't have the fan support to raise $ million or even $10,000. "You have to have fans before you can ask them to help you," reminds Palmer.

But there are lessons that every band can learn from Palmer's $1 million campaign.  She spent years developing and getting to know her fanbase. Palmer also acquired the the skills needed to motivate them on multiple levels with this single campaign. Beyond just appealing for help, Palmer's Kickstarter is about a new record release, an art book, a tour that includes private shows for small groups of supporters and more.

The new music industry is no longer one size fits all.  But today, Amanda Palmer proved there is still room for XXXL size success stories.

There's still time to pledge here.