UPDATED: Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter Campaign Nears $1 Million With 63 Hours To Go

image from s3.amazonaws.com(UPDATE 2) Amanda Palmer's impressive Kickstarter campaign has raised more than $981,881.  With 63 hours to go as of 8:30 AM ET Tuesday morning, 20,482+ backers have put the D.I.Y. musician within easy striking distance of $1 million, well in excess of her original $100K goal. That shatters the previous record for music on the crowd-funding platform of $207,980 by Five Iron Frenzy. How did Palmer do it?

"You have to have fans before you can ask them to help you," reminded Palmer in her own critique of Kickstarter and her campaign. But after spending years developing and getting to know her fanbase, Palmer had the skill to motivate them on multiple levels with this single campaign. Beyond just appealing for help, Palmer's Kickstarter is about a new record release, an art book, a tour that includes private shows for small groups of supporters and more.

"Amanda Palmer has pulled off the biggest music hack to date," declares music industry entrepreneur and author Jay Frank. Palmer's campaign is "a veritable stew of ideas feeding off each other all focused in one place (Kickstarter)."

Donate to Palmer's Kickstarter campaign here.


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  1. To the above comment, Jm, the campaign was only asking for $200,000 I believe. Hypebot, you really need to get your work together or I will be unsubscribing and sharing my concerns with my personal network of professionals. Are these writers/editors not paid?!

  2. Hi Mike,
    This article is merely pointing out that Palmer’s campaign has driven close to $1 million dollars in support from her fans, NOT that she has requested $1 million. To address your point and to clear any confusion, we’ve updated the piece to mention that she has far surpassed her original pledge goal of $100K.
    Thanks for reading.

  3. OK, how much is AFP paying you guys for such constant coverage? It would seem that there are no other success stories in the DIY music biz sphere. Come on guys!

  4. Hi Justice,
    The reason that we are shining a bit more light on this particular D.I.Y. campaign is that it is clearly the the most successful fan-funded artist campaign in Kickstarter history. No one is paying us to cover it, and while there are definitely more D.I.Y. success stories out there, Palmer’s is one that demonstrates how an artist once beholden to a label has now leveraged her fan base to support her career – which is a pretty important event to witness.
    Thanks for reading.

  5. Hi Hisham,
    Love the new podcast bro!
    Yeah i feel you on AFP, quite a success story….etc. And I appreciate your candid mention of her label origins. Because I want to hear a success story about an artist who was NEVER on a label and had to develop their own fan base from zero. As an indie musician yourself, I am sure you understand.
    Love your work dude, keep it up.

  6. Straight from the campaign’s site: $976,099
    PLEDGED OF $100,000 GOAL.
    The goal was only $ 100,000.

  7. Yes this is a great success that all musicians should be happy about. However I’ve not seen any of the articles covering this story mention the fact that her boyfriend is Neil Gaiman, as close to a megastar as you can get in the writing world. He has been pushing Amanda’s campaign heavily too. This isn’t to take away from her success, just to inform people who may not be aware

  8. We write about all kinds of success stories all the time. But what project can you share with us that has achieved this level of success? This is special.

  9. I agree… I’d love to see a success story like that too. One that breaks independently, and doesn’t result in the artist signing to a label! Would be a big deal if an artist builds it themselves, and stays independent permanently. I don’t think it’s happened yet.

  10. At a certain point, I’m not sure it’s fair to call a campaign like this one “DIY”.
    When you’re raising millions of dollars using a third party client-service site, and employing sores of tech, management, and other support people, isn’t the term “DIY” a little disingenuous?
    Changing your own oil, or recording your own album in your bedroom and putting it on your website — That’s “DIY.” Raising millions of dollars with the support of a management team and dozens of third-party subcontractors is usually called “running a business.”

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