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Creative Music Marketing: The Band Perry, Leftover Salmon, iamamiwhoami, Clown & Sunset, Metric

Leftover-salmon-aquatic-hitchhikerMany of my creative music marketing posts have focused on projects that weren't necessarily intended for promotional purposes but had marketing elements built into the work whether it was a creative event or unique packaging. This episode of Creative Music Marketing focuses primarily on actual marketing efforts including The Band Perry's Pinterest campaign and an iClips minidocumentary series for Leftover Salmon.

In addition, we have the latest video release from iamamiwhoami in her multiyear series and a unique hardware/album combo from Clown & Sunset. Plus a brief note about a recent campaign by Metric.


The Band Perry: Pin it to Win it!

The Band Perry is currently using a MetaBlocks Pinterest app for a Pin it to Win it! campaign currently taking place on their Facebook page.

Brenna Ehrlich explains:

"Users can upload any picture they like to the app and pin it to their Pinterest account with their favorite The Band Perry lyrics — a 'Postcard From Paris' if you will. Doing so enters the user into a contest to win an autographed album from the band."

And here are the results.

Leftover Salmon – Salmonlandia Trailer

Leftover Salmon recorded their upcoming release, Aquatic Hitchhiker (see above thumbnail) in Portland. It's due out May 22nd and in preparation they've been releasing a series of short documentary clips on the making of the album.

You can find the Salmonlandia episodes on the website of their partner iClips:

"Leftover Salmon spent the first 2 weeks of 2012 in Portland, Oregon recoding their first album in over 8 years. Produced by Steve Berlin from Los Lobos and recorded at Cloud Sound Studios. The Portland sessions were documented as well as the bands time around Portland."

iamamiwhoami – rascal

Jonna Lee has been presenting a series of videos for over two years as iamamiwhoami in what was initially a stealth campaign described here. Yesterday she released the above video as the latest message in a bottle building up to the June 11th release of her album Kin:

"Videos from the mysterious musician started surfacing on YouTube in December of 2009, and started gaining steam after iamamiwhoami sent them to a variety of music bloggers…Every new release, every bit of news, is presented as a puzzle to solve rather than a packaged announcement."

It's an interesting approach to releasing work and somehow fits the music as well though I sometimes wonder if it's a gently artistic variation on Karl Rove's approach to polarizing the base.

Clown & Sunset Debut The Prism

And another entry in the "let's be as obscure as possible and call it art" category, Nicolas Jaar is releasing a Clown & Sunset label sampler, Don't Break My Love, on something he calls The Prism (shown in the above video without any relevant details). It's described (with pics) as a 4x4x4 cm cube with "two holes (headphone sockets) and four unlabelled buttons." The:

"four buttons allow users to play, pause and skip tracks and the two headphone sockets invite the user to share the listening experience with a friend."

Apparently Jaar felt let down when he received a copy of his own debut album last year on CD. Now he's putting out music via this rather odd piece of sculptural hardware and maybe on vinyl according to a sentence fragment I couldn't quite decypher.

Normally I'd give Gizmodo a hard time for misrepresenting the project but between the site and the other coverage, why shouldn't they try to flip it for pageviews?

Metric Gets Interactive

Metric created an interesting leadup to their May 1st single releases, Youth Without Youth, which is over but you can read about it here.

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