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Business & Music: EDMbiz Invades Vegas, NMS Adds NY Music Festival, Sweden’s Trigger Creative

Edmbiz-logoMusic industry conferences and live music festivals seem like a successful combination so news that new ventures are being launched to add business to music and vice versa should come as no surprise. EDMbiz is a new conference focused on the electronic dance music industry taking place prior to Las Vegas' Electric Daisy Carnival. The New Music Seminar is launching the New York Music Festival adding lots of live music to their business gathering. And, though the Trigger Creative Conference isn't brand new, it adds the business element to Sweden's Peace & Love music festival.

EDMbiz, June 5 to 7

EDMbiz launches in Las Vegas June 5 to 7 focused on the business of electronic dance music. Organized by Insomniac, it leads into their Electric Daisy Carnival June 8 through 10. Yet another sign of the times for electronic dance music.

EDMbiz includes two days of panels and keynotes with the popular among presenters but questionable practice of putting 4 to 6 people on panels lasting from 45 minutes to an hour. I'm obviously not singling out EDMbiz since this is a widespread practice that contributes to most industry panels being fairly useless. And that's not just in music by any means.

EDMbiz itself looks like a smart and timely move.

New York Music Festival, June 17 to 20

While the other two gatherings are industry conferences being added to music festivals, NMS New York Music Festival is a musical addition to the New Music Seminar. The festival takes place June 17 to 20 with over 140 artists performing at 17 venues in Manhattan and Williamsburg.

Announced artists include:

The Dunwells, Soul Khan, Alice Smith, Yonas, Ca$h Out, This Good Robot!, The Dirty Pearls, Brian Lopez, King L, Ariana and The Rose, The Black Box Revelation, The London Souls, Garland Jefferies, Hilary Hahn, Mingus Big Band

The New York Music Festival will also include over 30 of the artists nominated for the Artist On The Verge project.

Trigger Creative Conference, June 28 to 29

Sweden's Peace & Love festival takes place June 26 to 30 in Borlänge. In addition to tons of music, the Trigger Creative Conference will occur June 28 and 29 as an associated music industry event.

The States will be strongly represented in the program including special guests Seymour Stein and Richard Gottehrer, cofounders of Sire Records among other accomplishments. Panels on new technology and global branding as well as globalization and China, Brazil and India will take place.

Trigger Creative Conference appears very focused. Might be fun to get in on something that isn't so huge you need mobile apps to find people.

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