Google Opens Free Hangouts On Air To All [VIDEO]

image from t3.gstatic.comThis morning Google flipped the switch on a major expansion of Google Hangouts that makes possible new opportunities for artists to interact directly with fans. Now anyone can now stream their Google+ Hangouts live video chats to an unlimited number of viewers.

Google Hangout video chats had been limited to 10 people with only select "celebrity" users pre-approved to stream their Hangouts to a bigger group of viewers. Now these Hangouts On Air are available to all users.

How Artists Can Use Hangouts On Air

Imagine letting 10 "VIP guests" (i.e. fans who win a contest plus band members) into your hangout to interact during a live Google Hangout broadcast concert, listening party or Q&A with the band.  With "On Air", now an unlimited number of fans can watch the event. Hangouts On Aire automatically streamed to your Google+ profile, YouTube account and anywhere you embed it. There's also an online chat/social function. 

Watch Googles video intro and share how you might use Hangouts On Air to interact with fans:


How will you use Google's Hangouts On Air to interact with fans?

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