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Marketing Plan Tactics For Independent Musicians: New Album Preparations

MarketingstrategyA common problem that Chris Hacker of Cyber PR encounters is a band contacting the company to promote their new album that is coming out the following week. Before promoting a new album, bands need to have a marketing plan in place. In part 1 of a 3 part series, Chris outlines areas that need to be addressed before announcing a new album release.

“Make sure your online presence is complete, effective and contains all the necessary promotional tools.”

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  1. Re: youtube: As much as I enjoy artists uploading entire new albums onto their youtube pages, I must say that not uploading the whole songs or replacing them with samples (which must be longer than those found on iTunes and amazon) could lead to more sales. Most people just go on youtube and listen there and whilst the major labels get a cut of the ad revenue, standard users do not. But including musician’s credits on the youtube pages for every song helps your collaborators to become better known and they will in turn also do that for you. That’s one thing to learn from the old music industry model: using artistic collaboration as a way to attract more fans (or Likes for that matter).
    CDs: Most independent artists don’t seem to sell them on the web anymore but at shows, they do. I found that out having emailed many an artist by now to ask them if they could send me a CD or CD-R of their album which is otherwise only available as a download. And almost all of the time, I got a positive reply.
    So please leave a note somewhere on your website saying something like “if you want our music in the best sound quality we have on offer, on CD (or CD-R), we have them for sale at our shows, or you could drop us an email and we’ll work something out”.
    This way, you could easily find out if your fans from further away are interested in the CD, too, and thus avoid lost sales.

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