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Content Is King: Marketing Plan Tactics For Indie Musicians

Lion_sunsetThis week we continue with Marketing Plan Tactics For Independent Musicians. Check out part 1 and part 2 if you missed them. In part 3, Chris Hacker reminds us that content is king. Check out the marketing tactics on Music Think Tank.

“To build off of all this progress that has been made, you will now have to keep supplying content to strengthen your relationship and stay relevant with your current fans while at the same time this content will also help increase your fanbase.”

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  1. Content is king but what if you are not able to come up with new content so frequently that you can compete with the big guys in your niche and are in danger of being neglected by search engines?

  2. Content can be as simple as uploading a photo to a blog and on that blog post you have link to you bands music page – which should, as the very basic level, feature an e4m widget.
    one of the best content guides to follow would be to do something small each week, and something big each month
    small: upload a photo of rehearsal, setting up at a gig, the drummer asleep… etc
    big: blog post, demo upload, tour dates…. etc
    if bands, which are in their very nature creators of content, can not proactively follow a simple content plan like this, then maybe they should think twice about what it is they are actually doing!
    but in my experience working with indie bands they just need a strategy, some guidance and a plan to follow, then they (mostly) take complete ownership and go forth and create 🙂
    ps. make sure that everything you create links back to your music / promo page

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