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Mobile Roadie Adds Premium iPad Apps & Free Mobile Websites

Mobile-roadie-logoMobile Roadie recently announced a major upgrade of their mobile app creation service that includes the addition of an iPad app platform and a free self-service mobile website platform. Since Mobile Roadie has always offered mobile services at a premium, and the iPad platform is no exception, the introduction of a free mobile website option makes them a viable contender for DIY'ers.

Mobile Roadie 4.0 introduces a reorganization of their previous offerings, the introduction of iPad and mobile web options and a number of new features. Though I would describe Mobile Roadie as itself a platform for mobile services, I'm going to use their terminology for this post.


Mobile Roadie presents their services in three platforms with distinct pricing:

  • Mobile Website: Free
  • Native App for iPhone & Android: $99 month (plus additional paid features)
  • iPad App: $499 month

The new Mobile Website and iPad App platforms are probably the biggest news.

CEO Michael Schneider discussed the new offerings with The Next Web's Anna Heim. Regarding the free Mobile Website option:

"There are some limitations attached to it, such as the lack of camera access, but we did our best to make our mobile Web apps look as similar as possible to native apps…Clients who have already paid for a customized native app can now get a mobile Web app automatically, and both experiences are fully integrated – what’s shared within one version also shows up within the other."

Regarding the iPad App option:

"We fully redesigned our app experience to take full advantage of the big screen. For instance, we make many more elements fit into one single screen than in our smartphone version, and the app is optimized for the new iPad’s Retina Display. We also included cool visual effects, which you can see for yourself in Madonna’s iPad app. This was actually our first iPad app, and we were very happy to see it featured by Apple."

Mobile Roadie has also reorganized their native Mobile App offerings to include both iPhone and Android in the basic package with additional features at $99 a month each. They've also consolidated their previous Core, Plus, and Pro offerings into a straightforward Pro package containing all features for $499.

In addition, they've redesigned their CMS and added a variety of features that you can check out at Mobile Roadie.

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