Music On Kickstarter By The Numbers [Stats]

image from www.google.comOver the last 3 years Music has become the second most popular fan funded category on Kickstarter, with $38 million donated. [Film/video leads with $60 million] 7,545 music projects have been successfully funded at an average financing of $5140.

The largest ever funded music project was $207,980 for rock band Five Iron Frenzy who had set a goal of $30,000 to record a new album.  Amanda Palmer is about to blast past that record with more than $200,000 donated in the first 24 hours of her new 30 day album campaign.

The New York Times recently named a  project to document the New York City jazz scene set a high goal of $75,000 and raised $76,823 as an example of the transformative power of the platform. 

Average financing offered for all music projects – funded or not – was $3.463.


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