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Music Tech Startup News:, MusicBunk, RockStar Motel, 88tc88 & BandHappy

Tracksby-david-bannerMusic tech startups have been busy marketing themselves, adding new features and getting that money. marketed by going on vacation and appearing in Business Insider while MusicBunk staged a successful viral video campaign. RockStar Motel relaunched with new features and BandHappy is adding a teaching tent to the Warped Tour. Plus, 88tc88 got a major investment for their music distro services in China.

The lads from, a social media marketing service currently focused on a Facebook app, recently got some media attention for their Memorial Day weekend vacation moves. Business Insider covered their trip East including their social media services trade for a Hamptons' mansion and their always cheery pics with music stars (see above thumbnail from BI with David Banner) and an increasing array of tech standouts.  Cofounder Mazyar Kazerooni is apparently recovering just fine from his vacation mishap chronicled in Business Insider.

Vinyl Throw: MusicBunk

Earlier this month a video of tricks with vinyl went viral catching the attention of media and viewers. Turns out it was a guerrilla marketing campaign for MusicBunk, a "social music player" in mobile app form focused on playlist sharing and music discovery.

RockStar Motel, a social network for musicians and fans similar to a fantasy sports league, launched in October, recently held their "grand opening" with new features developed during their public beta. The focus on fans "signing" and promoting artists remains with network stats and rewards for industrious fans, YouTube integration and music playlists for in-game listening and ecommerce features such as use of BandCamp for music sales with 100% going to the artists.

88tc88, a digital music distribution and sales company focused on Western music sales in China, recently received funding from investment company ALSTIN with a "seven-figure sum." Money will be used for business operations and expanding their sales team in China.

Bandhappy, a web platform for working musicians offering lessons, features the opportunity to work with band members who teach. Now they're taking their service on-the-road organizing classes with Warped Tour artists in an onsite tent. You can check out the Warped Tour teachers' list or keep an ear open for their appearance at other festivals and tours.

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