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MusicHype Identifies Top Fans, Creates “Welcomed Knock on the Door” Approach to Fan Marketing

Untitled-1MusicHype’s approach to artist-to-fan marketing becomes evident after just one look at their company motto: “Every fan counts, but some count more than others.” This philosophy stems from the well proven principle that those top tiered fans, those super fans, will account for the majority of an artist’s revenue stream; and will ultimately be largely responsible for their success. The problem for most artists (and those who support them) however, has always been the difficulty of specifically targeting those fans that are the most receptive to marketing messages based on their current interactivity and interest with the artist. MusicHype looks to solve that, by allowing artists and marketers to strike while the iron is hot.

MusicHype is a web-platform where bands and artists can identify their biggest fans, and then give those fans the recognition they deserve. In essence, what MusicHype does is gather up real-time information across all the major social networks and music services, and pulls that information together so that bands and artists can easily see who their biggest and most active fans are.

The service incorporates APIs of social and music sites around the web (and mobile) including Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Youtube, Foursquare, SoundCloud, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, and (Grooveshark and Pinterest are said to be in the works as of this writing). Users can run specific campaigns, gather geographical intelligence on fans’ hotspots, and download reports right from their dashboard.

“MusicHype seeks to understand how a fan organically interacts with the artist and facilitates a welcomed knock on the door for artists and marketers,” said MusicHype CEO, Kevin King. “We want them to find fans that are ready to receive.”

One particular feature that caught my eye was the “Buzz” category, where users can see which service is trending amongst their fans and alerts them of a heighted amount of activity. This is great for seeing where your most active fans are and allows you to focus your efforts on those networks that will directly (and indirectly) account for ROI.

Not just limited to the industry side, fans themselves can also join in on the platform. Artists and bands can ask their fans to allow MusicHype to gather music information based on their everyday activity, looking to see how supportive their fans really are. It’s a cool way for those truly passionate fans to know that their devotion is not going unnoticed, and could be a subtle encouragement factor for them to continue evangelizing the music. Fans can opt in or out of MusicHype at any time, and it only tracks the services that the fans give permission to look at. Fans also get their own pages that display their top fan rankings for each artist they love.

MusicHype is currently in beta mode and offering a limited number of invites to Hypebot readers. Join here and use the code HYPEBOT (all caps). First in, first served.

Check out the video below to learn more:

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the invite to this Bruce..this just reaffirms the fact that your fan base is your 401K, and should be the center of your marketing campaign..

  2. Hi Merankorii – I’m the CEO of MusicHype. Would love to learn more about your concerns. Hit me up at kevin at MusicHype dot com.

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