Slowbizz Shifts To Pinterest To Grow Global House Concert Network

Slowbizz(UPDATED) If you're having trouble growing your own network, why not use some else's?  That's the motivation behind global house concert network Slowbizz's shift of their entire artist discovery platform to hot social image network Pineterest. "We strongly believe that Pinterest is simply an awesome platform to like, love & share great content," according the startup. "This is the place to be seen & heard."  Here's how it works: 

"We will from now on redirect all the traffic leading to Slowbizz.com to our Pinterest Slowbizz boaimage from www.google.comrd," says the company. "This move will enable tens of millions of Pinterest users to stumble upon the artists and potentially to book a house concert via the dedicated links added to the videos descriptions."

Slowbizz is still maintaining artist profiles and more on their blog. New artist can apply to be part of the program and are accepted as soon as they reach 50 votes.

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  1. Hi Bruce. Thanks for sharing the news. We’re really excited about the serendipitous potential of Pinterest. We will be actively promoting the participating artists by inviting their Pinterest fans (people who pin content about these artists) to join the house concerts movement. It’s better to be featured on a platform promoting interactions through a great UI/UX than to develop your own ecosystem in a traditional way, especially for a non-profit venture like Slowbizz. This gives the artists a much broader exposure.

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