SoundCloud Unveils Major Makeover, Here’s How You Can Join The Beta

image from www.google.comWith the goal of creating a "simpler, faster, more social" SoundCloud, the oinline audio platform unveiled a major makeover. Dubbed "The Next SoundCloud", all upgrades are available in beta immediately. Upgrades and changes include:

  • image from soundcloud.wpengine.netdna-cdn.comA more interactive waveform player
  • A simpler attractive profile
  • New reposts let friends, fans and followers repost sounds and sets
  • Real-time notifications of activity
  • Play sounds continuously: press play, explore and keep listening
  • "Forget playlists" – Sets let users build collections of sounds you like in one Waveform
  • More intuitive navigation, including keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved search

SoundCloud will be gradually rolling out access to Next. The company says it will use the beta to make more updates and add additional features based on user input.

Soundcloud users can sign up to be part of the beta here.

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  1. soundcloud is so much better than spotify because you can find any song and download it for free. Spotify keeps asking me to pay on facebook. Why would anyone do that when they can go to soundcloud instead? Does soundcloud pays the artist more too?

  2. I think what makes soundcloud a little better is that people are not competing with the visual aspects of creativity, but only the audible aspects! I hope they don’t change it too much as far as the graphics go.. keeps things simple and different and unique for them. There are already plenty of platforms for making a full on album-like webpage. I would just like to see soundcloud be easier on those who don’t pay for the service… I can only share my song once EVER?!

  3. Soundcloud has been a nice way of me listening to some outtakes or teasers for upcoming albums by artists I already knew. I’ve also listened to DJ sets there.
    I like the current site because of the comment function: you can give feedback on what I as a music lover do really like.
    I also enjoy that the current graphical setup of the website has a no-nonsense approach.
    The thought of an activity stream in the beta of the new version makes me think they want to go down Myspace’s way, but everybody knows to where that led Myspace.

  4. They dont pay the artist. Soundcloud and Spotify are 2 very different things.

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