Two Big Announcements For Hypebot

image from www.hypebot.com(UPDATED) It's a big day at Hypebot, with two big announcements to share. First, Hisham Dahud, who has been a regular contributor here, is joining us as a Senior Music and Technology Analyst. Hisham has just graduated from college, and will now have a daily presence on Hypebot, and split his time between writing, a bit of consulting for our sister company Skyline Music and his work in business development at Fame House.

image from www.hypebot.comI also want to acknowledge the increasing role that Clyde is playing on Hypebot with the addition of Senior to his title. Senior Contributor Clyde Smith will continue to post daily on topics across the spectrum of topics we cover here.

Please join me in congratulating Hisham and Clyde! As always, our goal is CANI – constant and never ending improvement of our coverage of music, technology and the new music industry. 


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