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Why Music is Less Valuable Than Expertise and Information…?

Apples-and-oranges1-150x150On Music Think Tank, Jamie Leger posts a question that plagues music and all creative fields: Is music less valuable than expertise and quality information? And is this why music cannot be sold for high prices? People will buy things that they find valuable, but music is pretty subjective. How do you create value in someone else’s life to the extent that they will pay you to continue making music?

“Since art, (in our case music) at its very nature is highly subjective, it is obviously different in the way it creates value for people.”

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  2. I commented on the site and have not yet see it posted? The tenor of my post was that release like “Music that Changes the World” by the David Lynch Foundation found broad appear at Record Store Day as a and it had a $149.99. SLP. In the end you still have to deliver something to the consumer and proves that Music is Magic not a service since it’s on ebay for twice that amount a market is made via taste and projected value not as wigits of sound to be repacked within a supa app or service.
    BTW the majority of the profits from this will go to charitable works of the Lynch Foundation which makes this a WIN WIN WIN WIN.

  3. The thing to do then is STOP playing music until someone asks you to play music?

  4. Thanks to Sarah and Nelson (above) for demonstrating the Supply and Demand issue here. 🙂

  5. any valuable information becomes worthless once it’s digitized, this is just more bitter tech people whining about having to spend their days as serfs in front of monitors in cubical farms. that doesn’t make you an expert, that makes you a chump.
    I’d rather rock.

  6. great post,i found it interesting and informative but to get to the point,a cell phone is very distracting.i have to admit i have driven whike talking on the cell phone before. that is bad enough but i see people texting while driving everyday,now thats crazy.

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