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4 Key Traits Of Successful Independent Musicians

Music-Marketing-Is-ImportantBeing a musician is harder than it looks. Besides the complexities of writing and creating music, musicians have to connect with fans, market themselves, and network with others. On Music Think Tank, Shaun Letang posts some key characteristics of successful musicians. What other characteristics should be included? Let us know in the comments.

“It’s easy to think that all you need to do to have a successful release is make a great song that everyone will like. In reality however, that won’t matter at all if you don’t know how to properly market your music.”

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  1. I loved #4! Phrasing it as independent artists being “afraid to invest” is hilariously cynical stuff…they’re not afraid of shit, they’re broke.
    A more accurate and concise way to put #4 would simply be “Either have money or get some.”

  2. Some people may be broke but I personally know others who simply don’t think they need to pay for marketing. They spend money on going to the studio and recording but not on promotion. I think that’s the point this article is getting at and this mentality needs to change.

  3. The main thing musicians have to care about, if they want to be successful in the music industry… is to learn about the music business. How to market themselves, build a fan base, and create a good buzz.

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