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Amazon, Google, 6 More Compete To Control New .music Domain

image from (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has announced the names of 8 companies who paid $185,000 each to compete to be the central registry for the new .music domain name. In total, 1,930 applicants are hoping to control hundreds of new top level domains including .radio and .tickets. .music applicants include:

  • DotMusic Inc.
  • Dot Music / CCGR E-Commerce LTD  – founded by Constantine Roussos, who began lobbying to establish the .music top level domain in 2005 and has the edge with the support of TuneCore, LyricFind, CD Baby, ReverbNation, The Orchard, INgrooves Fontana and others in the industry.
  • dotMusic Limited
  • Amazon
  • Victor Cross
  • Charleston Rd Registry / Google
  • .music LLC / FarFurther -  supported by the RIAA, The National Music Publishers Association, A2IM, Impala and The Recording Academy.
  • Entertainment Names Inc

Who controls .music is could prove important as the internet expands and domain names become more scarce. They could, for example, refuse a .music registration based it's opinion of the legitimacy of the applicant and their role in copyright infringement.

Who would you choose to control .music?

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  1. Are you guys following our twitter feed? ‏@altavozdistroco
    Here is a list of the applicants for .music domain name. #music #gTLD

  2. btw only 3 of the 8 intend to us in in the US market and only 1 of them of all the 8 intend it to be for the community of music versis private registration.

  3. I would go for either Constantine Roussos group or the team led by FarFurther. I think both of these teams have members who have considerable experience in the industry.
    Whoever controls the registry must have this experience and would also have some sense of fair play, when it comes to deciding which applicants would qualify to use the .music domain.
    I think having a larger group responsible helps to cut down the tendency for decisions to be made based on what would prove profitable for a single entity.

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