BandCamp Launches New Music Discovery Engine: The Discoverinator

image from www.google.comMost Hypebot readers think of Bandcamp as a direct to fan platform for selling and marketing their music and merch.  But with hundreds of thousanDs of independent albums on the site, it's also become a place for music discovery.  Ethan and the Bandcamp team are hoping to encourage more discovery with the launch of The  Discoverinator.

With The Discoverinator, they've built something that they hope will, "take what we love most about traditional record stores – the serendipitous discovery that happens when we go to our favorite section and just flip through covers – and combine it with elements that are uniquely Bandcamp: the ability to listen to full streams, browse through every artist’s merch, see what the bands themselves recommend, and explore a deep and constantly expanding catalog".

Using a number of filters from best sellers by genre, format or bands that other bands love, fans can flip through releases quickly or dive as deeply as they want.  One nice simple feature is the ability to listen to one band while searching for your next find.


How You Band Can Make The Most Of The Discoverinator

The key is ot make your music as "findable" as possible and make sure that what they dive deeper for bios, photos or more music, that you've posted interesting stuff.   Make sure you’ve picked your genre, or you won;t show up at all. If you want your merch to show up when fans browse by format then "edit your albums, choose “add package” – including photos of your vinyl/CDs/etc. is key. " Add a bio image and make your recommendations for other music you love.

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  1. This looks pretty cool. Anyone know when it will be available? I’m not seeing it on the bandcamp site. Also, it’s just screaming for a mobile app version.

  2. Very cool. I have clients whose music was discovered and reviewed simply through the tag system. This will make that process much more fluid.

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