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Berklee College Wins Attention With Social Media

BerkleeblogsBerklee College of Music is a well-known educational institution with both a physical campus in Boston and an online school. Berklee has been noted for its use of social media to both market the school and connect their community. In addition, Berklee has an extensive network of off-campus programs from appearances at SXSW to the Berklee City Music Network making for a strong network.

Berklee College of Music is ranked #22 on StudentAdvisor's Top 100 Social Media Colleges Spring 2012. They're singled out for their launch of the Berklee Music Network, a private social network for folks associated with Berklee from students and faculty to staff members and alumnus.

The Berklee Music Network features a variety of job listings, a member directory and a marketplace of industry deals.

But, as BostInno's Lauren Landry points out, Berklee's use of social media to connect their community and expand their reach goes far beyond a social network. Social media efforts include:

Social Media Dashboard – Pleasantly designed forward thinking aggregation of Berklee-related social media from Twitter to Flickr for audiences from prospective students to alumni.

Berklee Blogs  – Blogging hub by and about the Berklee community.

YouTube Channel  – Berklee College's channel was recently singled out by YouTube and given "ambassador" status.

Landry also mentions the Berklee City Music Network, a Berklee program that offers music opportunities for under-served teens nationwide and has its own YouTube channel. Such programs extend the school's efforts beyond campus, off or online, and into the community.

Additional examples of Berklee's presence in the community can be found on the Berklee College YouTube channel.

Taken as a whole, Berklee has an extensive network on and offline that both extends its influence and serves as an ongoing marketing presence.

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