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Card Included: Low Cost DIY Music Download Cards & Custom Download Pages

Card-included-logoCard Included is a brand new service that makes music download cards cheap and easy to do. You create a customized landing page, design a download card and then download the resulting PDF for printing at home or at the print shop. It's a nice combo of digital and printed services for music distribution.

Card Included is the creation of brothers Nick and Thomas Mango. I previously interviewed Nick Mango about indie vinyl releases for Hypebot.

image from your cards follows a well thought out templated route to producing a design for the digital download card and for the landing page, uploading a zip file of your music and ordering the number of individual codes you desire.

You can see a screenshot of a download landing page on this post from Nick Mango about the launch of the service.

Card Included costs "$0.01 per 20MB. If you have a 20MB file and want 250 cards, it'll cost $2.50. If you have a 40MB file and want 250 cards, it'll cost $5.00."

The low cost makes Card Included accessible while hopefully making it sustainable as well.

Disc Revolt is a good example of music download cards that are printed and delivered. They look great but the price difference compared to Card Included's fee plus home printing is significant.

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  1. yet to try it but great idea. this gap in the market seems to have been there a while….lets see if discmakers etc try to compete pricewise

  2. came out with this service back in 2005 where bands could create and print their own music cards at home. But bands wanted cards that are more durable with higher quality print.

  3. Wow! It’s really cheap compare in the market price. You can save big amount of money and at the same time it’s accessible and sustainable because you can just download it and print it at any time. It’s hassle free.

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